Why WeeTech Institute?

There are many reasons to choose WeeTech Institute over the typical training institutes around. The first and major is you get the training from the highly experienced professional developers who are usually dealing with the real world problems in the development. So, they can provide you the better guidance and quick tips to get the solutions with the easiest way.

They also teach you to write the code in the better manageable way so that not just the development but the maintenance of the code also becomes easier.

Second and the same important is that you are given a chance to work on the live project in a co-ordinance with the developers. This gives you an experience of a live development environment and pretty much confidence to directly work on the clients’ projects after the training.

Third and the most important one is that we offer you to choose any from many leading IT companies of India including WeeTech Institute to start your career. In short, you’ll get everything you need from us.


Laravel Training in Surat

Best Laravel PHP Framework Training Institute In Surat

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Laravel Course in Surat


Laravel is an open-source web MVC framework written in PHP. It is a more secure, advanced, and easy PHP framework that provides easy development of PHP web applications with features like access to relational databases, a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, and other utilities for application deployment and maintenance.

Taylor Otwell created Laravel in 2011; since then, it has continuously gained popularity in the PHP-framework sector of the web development industry. Laravel follows the MVC platform that is Model – View – Controller. Laravel is licensed under the terms of MIT License, and its source code is hosted on GitHub.

Laravel is one of the best courses for web developers. You would be able to create wonderful web applications with ease. Laravel is a neat and classy framework for PHP web development.

Learn Laravel with us. At WeeTech Institute, you will learn things from the very basics along with building real web applications step by step. Apart from this, you will also learn to customize your app with Material Design, themes, assets, and more.

So, do not wait for more! Learning Laravel is going to be a game-changer for you. You can easily secure high-paying jobs and have a competitive edge over others.

Students can attend a free demo lecture on any day from Monday to Saturday as part of the ongoing session to have a firsthand experience of the training techniques.

What we offer?

It’s not just about training. It’s about career progress. WeeTech Institute allows you to take control of your career by learning the right skills at the right time.

Weetech Institute allows Laravel training Institute in Surat. Our Laravel PHP experts are highly qualified and experienced to deliver high-quality PHP training across Surat. Our syllabus of Laravel PHP training is based on current requirements from the enterprise. We have various experienced IT professionals that are expert in their field. Our modules of Laravel PHP framework match with the real-time condition for both beginner level to advance level.

We offer all the material you need to master this tool including an experiential course, lots of practice sessions, demo lessons, intuitive lecturers, and instructors who have years of industry experience and guide you in the right direction.

  • Immersive hands-on learning.
  • You will receive Laravel certification in the form of a course completion certificate.
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of the Laravel framework.
  • Understand framework advanced concepts-controllers, routing, responses, and filters.
  • Build highly responsive websites with appropriate forms and authentications.

Who can enroll?

Whether you’re interested in building a RESTful API in Laravel or becoming a full stack web developer using the framework, WeeTech Institute has a course to help you achieve your web development goals. If you have no idea about this framework, start learning the basics. If you are interested in PHP then definitely you will start liking it.

Theory Vs Practical

Programming fundamentals along with basic and advanced coding. Live projects and personalized training support. Our experienced trainers are here to help you with the best.

Employment scope

Laravel has a bright future as it is rapidly becoming the choice of today web-developers from all around the world.

Currently, there is a higher demand for developers with this skill set, as there are programmers available.

A lot of companies are training junior or experienced PHP developers in Laravel. If you have a background in Symfony, this will help you to learn more quickly, as there are similarities between these two frameworks.


We Provide a certificate after finishing the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to apply for job interviews.

  • More than 200+ students Trained
  • 70% percent Placement Record
  • 315 Interviews Organized