Why WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd?

There are many reasons to choose WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd over the typical training institutes around. The first and major is you get the training from the highly experienced professional developers who are usually dealing with the real world problems in the development. So, they can provide you the better guidance and quick tips to get the solutions with the easiest way.

They also teach you to write the code in the better manageable way so that not just the development but the maintenance of the code also becomes easier.

Second and the same important is that you are given a chance to work on the live project in a co-ordinance with the developers. This gives you an experience of a live development environment and pretty much confidence to directly work on the clients’ projects after the training.

Third and the most important one is that we offer you to choose any from many leading IT companies of India including WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd to start your career. In short, you’ll get everything you need from us.


iPhone App Development Training in Surat

iPhone App Development Training under expert and experienced iOS Developers

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iPhone Training Course in Surat

Training overview

iPhone = Revolution. Since its launch, it has completely revolutionized the market by giving birth to millions of attractive Apps, interesting games and lots more. Popularity of iPhone is still same and it will continue to grow till infinity.

Being an iOS developer gives you an opportunity to be a part of this booming iOS-based Web Application industry. iOS Application developer is a career that gives you assurance, promising reward and most importantly reach to all premium iOS Application users around the globe.

Due to huge investment in iOS Applications development industry, there is continuous demand of talented iOS developers worldwide. iPhone Apps has always been a first choice for developers because of its huge market and profit value.

Here’s is your chance to lift your career to new level and explore this lucrative world. We at WeeTech Institute provide you all necessities that you need to become a successful iOS developer.

iPhone training at WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd is aimed to be single stop solution for all aspirant iOS developers. This course engages you with both basic and advanced features of iOS App development. Course covers iOS App development with 'XCode IDE' tool in the languages such as 'Objective C' and the latest one 'Swift'.

Students can attend a free demo lecture on any day from Monday to Saturday as part of the ongoing session to have a firsthand experience of the training techniques.

What we offer?

End-to-End IOS apps Training Included. Information related practical training starting from beginner to advanced IOS techniques. Live learning experience with live project work and examples.

Once you enroll with us and finish your training, we will make sure you get the best jobs. Your achievements will be: Job support, Basic and advanced coding knowledge, Debugging and performance testing, Learning core data basics.

Become an iOS developer in three months with the structured and meticulous Training program using Swift. Weetech Institute Pvt Ltd is the No.1 IOS training institute in Surat.

Who can enroll?

Anyone who is looking to enter the iPhone Apps Development. Beginners, Junior Software Developers, Senior Software Developers, Team Leads and Managers.

Anyone wants to bring their ideas into potential Apps. Anyone who wants to make sophisticated mobile applications for an iPhone.

Theory Vs Practical

Programming fundamentals along with basic and advanced coding. Live projects and personalized training support. Our industrial training programs are according to industry trends.

Students will have the benefits to learn basic as well as advanced iOS development skills. As the most reputed, reliable, and famous iOS training Classes, We will help you learn Objective C, Cocoa Touch, X-code, and View Controllers.

Live Projects

Students are given a chance of selecting variety of LIVE projects available at "WeeTech Institute". LIVE projects are proven to be key point in Job interviews and Final semester project presentations. Individually every student is guided on their Database Designs, Front End design, flowcharts, DFD diagrams and QA.

Employment Scope

It might depend on every individual company. But, these are the roles anyone can expect after successful completion of iOS Training in Surat.

  • iOS Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • Software Programmer

Top Reasons Why iOS is All Set to Be the Future of Mobile App Development

  • Increasing usage of iPhones will increase the demand for IOS developers
  • The average salary for an IOS developer in India is 5 lacs per year
  • For fresher salary is from 15000-25000 per month
  • Plenty of job opportunities for IOS developers abroad as well.


As one of the premier iOS training institutes offers some unique job opportunities to its students. We pride ourselves in our tie-ups and associations with the top MNCs, companies, and software development agencies.

By training with our exceptionally talented team of experts, you will have the opportunity to get perfect placements. Our iOS development course will help you explore the following career opportunities:

  • iOS App developer
  • iOS Game Development
  • iOS Solution Designers

In case you want to be in demand, iOS development is the best field to make a great career! And keep in mind that We provide professional iOS Developer Classes at affordable Fees.

iPhone Live project training at WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd

iPhone Live project Training overview

“iPhone” the word is enough to stamp the Authority and Resemblance. It’s a brand that is associated with Leading Names and Brands around the World and due to this Top Businesses wants to explore this Market for investment. This has resulted in huge lift for iPhone Application Developments and better scope for iOS Developers. iPhone Application Development is a Career Opportunity that each and every IT Candidate wants to explore first.

Our iPhone training developers possesses years of experience in iOS App development and they have built many successful apps in iPhone and iPad and systems in Mac. With this training you can master all tools, exercises, theory and frameworks. Course gives an idea about debugging with XCode tools and memory management on iPhone.

Benefits of Live Project

If you really want to become an extra -ordinary iPhone developer than you must be more than ordinary with your knowledge. You must know latest trends of industry and sharpen your skill sets to compensate with changes happening with industry. The only way you can do that is to learn iOS App development directly from industry people. Live Project training on iPhone App development at WeeTech Institute helps you to pursue this.

‘Out of the boundary learning experience and keep you deeply engage with every aspect of iPhone App development for overall training’ that is our motto. Live project training help you to turn your theoretical concepts in actual implementation. Through real-time experience on Live Projects you will be able to extend your skill sets to new level and lift your career as an iOS developer up to infinity.

It has following advantages over conventional training.

  • Faster yet quality learning.
  • Study of different phases of iOS App development under one roof.
  • Opportunity to work closely with skilled developers.
  • Chance to try hands on professional work.
  • Helpful for final year students in project work.
  • Considered as plus point in job interviews.

Phases of iOS App development in detail.

iPhone Project Definition

As its name suggests, Definitions tell us about what the project is about and its main use. Being a renowned IT company we have variety of iOS project Live. Exploring them students can decide a variety of definition to work on. Also, we provide our best support in which they get all assistance from us anytime they want.

Flow-chart creation

Flow-chart simplifies the project details into picture which makes it easy for everybody to get an idea about project. Creating complex flow-charts of bigger projects will not be an issue for our trainees anymore as we guide them in creating, understanding and editing flow-charts of their iOS projects.

Database and GUI Design

GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a special feature that makes an iPhone Apps look and feel different from others. We have team of GUI experts hence they will take care of your GUI project part and learn GUI design from them. Our DB team helps you to design best Database and teach you variety of Database design methods used in iOS App development.

iPhone Coding/Programming

Coding for iPhone is always headache for developers. Due to our systematic teaching approach, it is not a headache anymore. Our experienced developers are always there for you to teach you fundamentals of iPhone coding. It makes your coding pile stronger.

Testing and Deploying an App on Cloud

Testing is final most filter of a project. Finished App is tested broadly under different parameters to work as it was expected to. Variety of softwares and methods are employed for iPhone App testing. With Live Project training you will be familiar with usual testing methods and softwares. At the end of testing phase, your App is ready for deployment on Cloud. At the end of Live Project Training you will know how to deploy an App on Cloud for users.


  • By getting mastery on swift language, I created strong foundation for iPhone App development at WeeTech Institute. I have enjoyed each module of iPhone training. Truly helpful training. - Ravi Surtiwala - Adajan, Surat
  • I roamed multiple training centres in Surat for iPhone training but all of them were just like the coaching classes providing the theoretical knowledge only. At last I got the satisfaction at WeeTech Institute because of its friendly and smooth development environment. - Nishi Patel - Mota Varachha, Surat
  • I was very much sure to be an iPhone developer from beginning. So, I joined WeeTech Institute for the iPhone App training for my final year project. And I made such a brilliant app with the help of WeeTech Developers that my professor was also shocked to see it and got the full marks for the project. - Ranee Chuhan - Maninagar, Ahmedabad
  • I was literally scared for my last year project until I got training at WeeTech Institute. At first my goal was limited to complete the project but through training I explored completely new world of iPhone App development. Fortunately I continued as an iPhone developer and made many successful Apps. - Pooja Bhatia - Punagam, Surat
  • iPhone has always amazed me a lot. It’s look, functions, Apps and everything is a masterpiece for me. I immediately started training as I come to know about this training. Well, training is mostly focussed on iOS App development but my interactions with trainers cum developers was so much informative. As a result I not only learned full iPhone App development but A to Z about iPhone. - Viral Tailor - Katargam, Surat
  • Unique course structure and totally practical based training. Rarely remember that something left out of iPhone Training. That really boosted my confidence like never before. - Nilay Savani - Varachha, Surat
  • Heartily confession: I never expected of becoming an iPhone developer and work for top IT companies of India. Well, that’s a reality now. My overall performance was clearly improved after training and that's a rare thing to find through such training. - Mitul N Patel - GIDC, Ankleshwar


  • Swift
    1. Introduction to Playground
    2. Data types
    3. Variables
    4. Optionals
    5. Tuples
    6. Decision Making
    7. Loops
    8. Data Structures
    9. Functions
    10. Closures
    11. Enumerations
    12. Structures
    13. Classes
    14. Extensions
    15. Protocols
    16. Generics
  • iOS Environment & XCode Setup
  • Creating Hello World Application
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Controller Lifecycle
  • Storyboards
  • Outlets & Connections
  • UI Controls
  • Custom Controls
  • Delegates
  • File Handling
  • Media Handling
  • Timer & Operation Queues
  • User Defaults
  • SQLite
  • API Integration & JSON Parsing