Why WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd?

There are many reasons to choose WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd over the typical training institutes around. The first and major is you get the training from the highly experienced professional developers who are usually dealing with the real world problems in the development. So, they can provide you the better guidance and quick tips to get the solutions with the easiest way.

They also teach you to write the code in the better manageable way so that not just the development but the maintenance of the code also becomes easier.

Second and the same important is that you are given a chance to work on the live project in a co-ordinance with the developers. This gives you an experience of a live development environment and pretty much confidence to directly work on the clients’ projects after the training.

Third and the most important one is that we offer you to choose any from many leading IT companies of India including WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd to start your career. In short, you’ll get everything you need from us.


JSP Training in Surat

Best JSP Course in Surat for Student & Professionals. Live Project Training & 100% Job Placement.

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JSP Course in Surat


Java Server Pages (JSP) is a programming technology that is used to develop web pages and web-based applications by inserting Java code into the HTML pages by making unique JSP tags. It consists of either HTML or XML, and the combination of both is also possible with JSP actions and commands. JSPs have access to entire Java APIs, including the JDBC API, to access enterprise databases.

JSP is an essential part of Java EE, which is a platform for enterprise-level applications. It is beneficial to learn JSP for all the developers and programmers. Often JSP serves the same purpose as programs implemented using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). However, JSP offers greater advantages compared to CGI.

This technology allows embedding Dynamic Elements in HTML Pages itself rather than having separate CGI files. You can use JSP pages in combination with servlets that handle the business logic, the model supported by Java servlet template engines.

Learning JSP will let you have a competitive advantage over others. The world is already moving to advancement in technology; knowing what is new and prevailing in the market get you better opportunities and career growth. Having JSP skills will allow you to command high salaries in the industry. With a high growth graph and huge salary prospects, JSP skills are one of the most promising career options today.

Students can attend a free demo lecture on any day from Monday to Saturday as part of the ongoing session to have a firsthand experience of the training techniques.

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What we offer?

  • Delivered By Industry Professionals
  • Practical Skills Training
  • Industry Recognized
  • Established Over 5 Years
  • Career-Focused Approach
  • Transferable Skills Globally
  • Interactive Case Study Based
  • Hugely Successful Formula

Who can enroll?

Anyone who is serious about JSP.

For those who have basic knowledge about Java and HTML.

Theory Vs Practical

Programming fundamentals along with basic and advanced coding. Live projects and personalized training support. Our experienced trainers are here to help you with the best.

Extensive practical hands-on every Issue guided by a Laboratory Trainer which helps in eliminating coding fear of a student.

Employment scope

Java has topped the ranking charts of technology for the last two decades, which means enough opportunities.


We Provide a certificate after finishing the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to apply for job interviews. We have dedicated a team for Job Placement that provides placement that has a proven track record to place students