Why WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd?

There are many reasons to choose WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd over the typical training institutes around. The first and major is you get the training from the highly experienced professional developers who are usually dealing with the real world problems in the development. So, they can provide you the better guidance and quick tips to get the solutions with the easiest way.

They also teach you to write the code in the better manageable way so that not just the development but the maintenance of the code also becomes easier.

Second and the same important is that you are given a chance to work on the live project in a co-ordinance with the developers. This gives you an experience of a live development environment and pretty much confidence to directly work on the clients’ projects after the training.

Third and the most important one is that we offer you to choose any from many leading IT companies of India including WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd to start your career. In short, you’ll get everything you need from us.


Flutter Training in Surat

Understand the primary concepts of app development using Flutter

  • Flutter Training

Flutter Training Course in Surat


If you have ever dreamt of becoming a native app developer, then flutter is the course for you. Flutter is a cross-platform UI software development kit that Google has created. It is used by developers to develop apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from only one codebase. This means you only need one programming language and one codebase to develop two different apps (for iOS and Android). This course is the necessity of every app developer, as it will help you build Interactive Apps.

The major components of Flutter are the Dart platform, Flutter engine, Foundation library, and Design-specific widgets.

If you want to work as a freelance app developer, then Flutter is a MUST HAVE knowledge. According to research, this technology has grown by +303% between 2018 and 2019 and is expected to explode in the future. This simply means there is a huge possibility for flutter developers, as a lot of people will search for developers who know how to use it.

Learn Flutter with us. At WeeTech Institute Pvt Ltd, you will learn things from the very basics along with building real apps step by step. Apart from this, you will also learn to customize your app with Material Design, themes, assets, and more.

So, do not wait for more! Learning Flutter is going to be a game-changer for you with which you will be able to make interactive apps!!

Students can attend a free demo lecture on any day from Monday to Saturday as part of the ongoing session to have a firsthand experience of the training techniques.

What we offer?

  • One-Stop Industrial Training Solution Providers for over 3,750 Modules on various subjects
  • All our pieces of training are conducted in workshop mode with more focus on hands-on sessions.
  • Affordable Fees with Best syllabus Designed by Industrial Flutter Expert. Placement team for Freshers & Working Professionals.
  • 7+ years experienced Trainers and Lab Facility. Practical oriented / Job oriented Training. Hands-On Learning in Flutter and Dart.
  • We have a proper flow in place to share with you the study materials and codes(programs) that we will be using in this course.
  • We Provide a certificate after finishing the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to apply for job interviews.
  • WeeTech Institute is the trending flutter training center in Surat, we allow you to have highly trained and experienced leaders and work with them inspiring them to put in the extra effort people often lack.
  • Placement Support for Freshers & Working Professionals

Who can enroll?

  • Beginner Developers and Intermediate- Advanced Web or Mobile Developers new to Google Flutter Mobile SDK
  • Android Developers Who Want to Build iOS Apps with Single Codebase
  • Web Developers Who Want to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase
  • iOS Developers Who Want to Build Android Apps with Single Codebase
  • Managers and Program Managers Who Want to Learn How to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase

Theory Vs Practical

Programming fundamentals along with basic and advanced coding. Live projects and personalized training support. Our experienced trainers are here to help you with the best.

Employment scope

According to GitHub's report of 2020, Flutter is one of the Widely-growing open-source projects.

There are multiple reasons why developers feel strongly that Flutter will change the ara of mobile apps. The many advantages of the platform represent the exciting time we’re living in and we’re blessed to see how Flutter develops over the coming years as it is accepted by more and more developers day by day.


We Provide a certificate after finishing the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to apply for job interviews.